A Year To Remember

Words cannot express our immense gratitude for our patients this year. In fact, words cannot fully express much of this year for most of us, as you’d probably agree. Yet we’d like to reflect on all that 2020 taught us and what great hopes we have for the upcoming year. First, the 🐘 in the […]

Tips for a Beautiful Smile, and Advice for When Tooth Pain Gets Ugly

Getting that Feel Good Smile Everyone loves to wow with a fabulous smile. Want to improve your signature grin with the latest recommendations from the experts? It’s easy to do, here are a few tips to try: First off, brush not once, but twice a day. Do not go to sleep without brushing. That last […]

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Implants?

If you’re struggling with your smile you know what a devastating impact it can have on your health and self-esteem. Dental implants are one of several prosthetic options you have to help get your smile back. Implants are one of the most natural feeling replacements for your teeth and maybe a great option for you.  […]

Covid Safety Measures

What To Expect At Your Next Appointment: COVID Safety Measures As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, your health and safety, and that of your family, is at the forefront of your mind. Formerly routine happenings, like regular teeth cleanings, can become a source of anxiety. We want you to know that your health is the first […]

Use Your Dental Plan Balance While You Can

Remember Your Dental Plan Pays Better than the Tooth Fairy 2020 has been a year of distractions. So, it isn’t surprising most of us have a few dental procedures left to get done on our to-do list, yet we risk losing valuable money set aside for us in our plans as they expire at the […]