A Year To Remember

Words cannot express our immense gratitude for our patients this year. In fact, words cannot fully express much of this year for most of us, as you’d probably agree. Yet we’d like to reflect on all that 2020 taught us and what great hopes we have for the upcoming year.

First, the 🐘 in the room: covid and 😷

Our dental office has always taken great care with PPE, so masks and gloves have been second nature to us always, as we put you first. We also realize most of the population had to delay their regular check-up for a couple of months, and need to catch up on dental work. Our team understands. We like incoming patients to know we have added to our already extensive safety protocols. Our staff of highly trained and skilled professionals, both licensed and certified, know just how to help with the latest dental techniques and procedures. And, lastly, you should know, that being a smaller practice hasn’t ever slowed us from using state-of-the-art equipment. We enjoy using the latest technology and splurging for our patients.

Our goal: 💯 🙌 🎉

We hear our patients rave about us to their friends and family who arrive as referrals, and we love it. Our large range of services lets patients get treated quickly without the hassle or expense of referrals. We offer general dentistry procedures such as exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and more. But our offerings stretch far beyond the average services to include:

😀 Cosmetic dentistry

😁 Computer guided dental implants

😃 Oral surgery and cancer screening

😊 Root canal therapy treatment 

😁 Wisdom teeth removal

😌 TMJ and gum disease treatments

😎 Sedation dentistry

If we have been reminded of anything this year, it is how critical our patients’ health is to us and their loved ones. All of us here have had time to reflect on what is truly important and how valued our patients are to us. We look forward to continuing to thrive in the upcoming years, helping our existing and incoming patients safely get the treatments they need for a beautiful and healthy smile! As always, we are happy to chat about your questions or needs, and we’re here to answer your call.

Now Accepting New Patients!